• Volodymyr Myrosh


B. Barvinskyi, intellectual biography, University of Lviv, University of Vienna, University of Berlin


The purpose of the research is to reconstruct the years of study of B. Barvinskyi at Lviv, Vienna and Berlin universities. The research methodology is based on the application of principles (objectivity, historicism, holism) and methods (generalization, analysis and synthesis, comparison, genetic, psychological and typological) of historiographic research. The scientific novelty of the article lies in the study of the little-known problem of the formation of B. Barvinskyi as a historian during his studies at Lviv, Vienna and Berlin universities. The article has concluded that the professional environment of the Lviv, Vienna and Berlin universities had a significant influence on the intellectual development of B. Barvinskyi. A novice historian was delighted to study history in the "golden" age of European social humanities, when at the same time creators of many historiographical branches and directions – Ukrainian studies, Polonistics, theories and methodologies of history, etc. – worked in different academic centers. The lectures and seminars of O. Redlich, L. Finkel, T. Szymann, B. Dembinsky, E. Mühlbacher, A. Przybram, T. Wojciechowski, H. Bruner, O. Balzer, K. Studinsky, O. Kolessa and many others prominent humanitarians formed the scientific worldview and research tools of the young scientist. However, the most significant for him was the long-term professional communication with M. Hrushevsky, which determined the scientific specialization of B. Barvinskyi in the field of Eastern European medieval studies. After all, persistent self-education had a significant impact on the professional formation of a historian. All this ultimately enabled the young scientist to implement ambitious creative plans and in a short time become one of the prominent representatives of not only Galician, but also all-Ukrainian historiography of the first half of the 20th century.