Problems of Interpretation of the Role of the Ukrainian Diaspora in Education


  • Ivan Bratus


education, teaching methods, the Ukrainian Diaspora, publishing, information technologies


The article deals with the contribution of the Ukrainian Diaspora to the development of modern
Ukrainian education. Special attention is paid to the activity of such people as: metropolitan Ivan
Ohienko, whose works remain topical today; historian Orest Subtelny, who wrote a very popular
history of Ukraine; writer Ivan Chub, who was writing in various genres, and other major figures
in the Ukrainian Diaspora who made significant contribution to the development of the Ukrainian
education system. The article shows that new methods of teaching facilitate the integration of
educational achievements of the Ukrainian Diaspora to the overall education process. The author
concludes that the educational problem exists not because students do not want to study according
to old standards, but because they cannot perceive stiff forms of teaching.