Formation and Specifics of the Ukrainian Monarchism Ideology of Emigrants (1918 – 1939)


  • Volodymyr Potulnytskyi


Hetman ideology, created by Viacheslav Lypyns’kyi during his emigration in 1920’s, was in Ukrainian politics the ideology of the so called «right wing». Later on, in 1930’s hetman Pavlo Skoropads’kyi elaborated some points of this framework and reached the next stage of the ideology development transforming it into the universal ideology. The conditions of emigration and the war prevented further evolution.The analysis conducted in this article is based upon the verifications of the methodological materials of the well-known sociologist Karl Mannheim. The author of the article has used the concept of determination of the ideology phenomenon along with Mannheim’s understanding of significance of various thinking styles and his method, i.e. the way that he matches styles of thinking and social statuses and groups.