Ukrainian Folklore in Research Studies of CIUS (Edmonton, Canada)


  • Natalia Savchuk


Ukrainian Diaspora, Canada, University of Alberta, Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, Kule Folklore Centre, Ukrainian folklore, musical folklore


The article deals with the fundamental activities of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS) at the University of Alberta, since this Institute conducts and promotes scholarly research of the Ukrainian folklore. The author analyses the range of activities of the Peter and Doris Kule Centre for Ukrainian and Canadian Folklore (the Kule Folklore Centre). Furthermore, the scholarly research of Bohdan Medwidsky, Andriy Nahachewsky and Natalie Kononenko is outlined in this article. Consequently, the author emphasises that the achievements of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies would not have been possible without generous support from numerous devotees such as Erast and Lydia Huculak, Wasyl and Anna Kuryliw, Peter and Doris Kule.