The Person of Historian of Ukrainian Foreign Historiography Interwar Period through the Prism of Network Theory


  • Ivan Logvyn


Article is dedicated to the Ukrainian foreign historiography of the Interwar period. The focus directed on the creators of the historiographical process – Ukrainian historians, who in consequence of the complicated historical process were abroad. The intellectual society of historians considered through the prism of network analysis – method introduced by Western scholars (R. Collins, M. Castells) for the study of scientific communities. Research corporation of historians was analyzed within the following categories: intellectual society, status identity, the structure of scientific careers, historiographical life. In the article it is shown that emigrant historiographical environment represented by such outstanding scientists as V. Lypynskyj, D. Doroshenko, B. Krupnyc′kyj and others, has not been the same team, and was a complex mobile network. Attention is also paid to sociocultural conditions and political factors, which have influence on the scientific activities of historians.