Development of Ukrainian Schools in the UK (the Second Half of the XX – Early XXI Century)


  • Khrystyna Skrypka


This article presents the history of the formation and the analysis of the Ukrainian education dynamics in the UK during the second half of the XX – early XXI century. The author defines the periodization, major achievements and organizational problems of Ukrainian education at schools in the United Kingdom. The role of Ukrainian civil society organizations is emphasized; in particular the role of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB) in the development of the national school system is outlined. Therefore, the author concludes that the national school system forms the national identity in the foreign society, helps to preserve the native language and culture, halts the assimilation process, etc. The content of school education (Ukrainian curriculum-based schools), programs and teaching methods of Ukrainian Sunday schools in the UK are analysed. Finally, the author focuses her attention on the organizational and publishing activity of the Association of Ukrainian Teachers and Educators in the UK.