Public Figure, Researcher, and Philanthropist Omelan Antonovych (on the Occasion of His 100th Birthday Anniversary)


  • Yaroslav Senyk


The article is dedicated to the memory of the well-known Antonovych Foundation creator, as well as public activist in the US and Ukraine Omelan Antonovych. The author states that Antonovych personal documents reveal some unknown facts about his public and research activity which was not described in his two books of Memoirs (1999, 2003). Omelan Antonovych was an active member of the Foreign Representation of the Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council, the Prolog Research and Publishing Corporation, the Ukrainian Association of Washington State, DC, etc. He found and selected German archival official documents about OUN that were published in the 21st volume of Litopys UPA (Toronto, 1991). His life is an example of selfless service to Ukrainian people and Ukraine. The personal archive of Dr. Omelan Antonovych and his wife prof. Tatiana Terlecka are kept in Vasyl Stefanyk Lviv National Scientific Library of Ukraine.