Edward Kozak and Ivan Kedryn-Rudnytsky: the History of Friendship


  • Andriy Yatsiv


The article systematizes and analyses Ivan Kedryn-Rudnytsky publicistic and memoir heritage devoted to the life and works of Edward Kozak, along with perception of his [Kedryn-Rudnytsky] journalistic and political activities in the XX century. The author indicates that Ivan Kedryn-Rudnytsky and Edward Kozak actively interacted in 1920s-1930s while living in Lviv. In the second half of the XX century Ivan Kedryn and Edward Kozak lived and worked in the USA, where they often met, as a result they often mentioned each other in their articles and works of art. Articles, memoirs, works fiction and art miniatures of Ivan Kedryn as well as caricatures and cartoons of Edward Kozak displayed high intellectual and aesthetic standards for the generation of Ukrainians outside Ukraine in the middle and in the second half of the XX century. Moreover, mutual verbal and visual forms of appraisals affirmed the ingenuity of Edward Kozak and Ivan Kedryn as the best representatives of the Ukrainian creative elite, social, cultural figures and guides for all Ukrainians worldwide outside their homeland.