Ukrainian Music Diaspora Studies as a New Trend in Contemporary Art Criticism


  • Hanna Karas


The article is devoted to a new trend in contemporary art criticism, i.e. Ukrainian music Diaspora studies. It is stated that these studies have become the subject of scientific research for Hanna Karas and Violetta Dutchak. The musical culture of the Ukrainians of the Western Diaspora of XX century is considered to be a social and cultural phenomenon. The author devises its structural model and outlines the new perspectives for further research. The structural model of the Western Diaspora’s musical culture is a complex integral self-organized open system which consists of musical artefacts, all kinds of cultural and music activities, establishments, social institutions, etc. The author concludes that the musical culture of the Ukrainian Diaspora is a complex constituent part of the Ukrainian art in general and of the musical culture in particular.