Bandura Art in the System of Ukrainian Diaspora Musical Culture during the XX – Beginning of the XXI Century


  • Violetta Dutchak


This article describes the features of bandura art as the part of Ukrainian Diaspora's musical culture during the XX – XXI century. Ukrainian Diaspora's bandura art is defined as a multifunctional, open, complex, dynamic and regulated system, which is a subsystem in the hierarchy of Ukrainian Diaspora's musical culture. The author analyses Diaspora’s bandura art regarding such its achievements such as: musical works and artefacts; different activities (compose, reproduce, preserve, distribute and analyse works and artefacts); skills and achievements; institutions and social institutes; the cultural and artistic environment, etc. The achievements of diaspora bandura players are analysed within chronological, geographic, sociocultural, comparative, performing, composing, educational, pedagogical, methodological, social-communicative etc. frames.