Cells of Music Education in Ukrainian Western Diaspora Spiritual Institutions


  • Liudmyla Obukh


In this article a complex characteristic is given to spiritual cells of music education in Diaspora spiritual institutions. Moreover, the forms of education of some teachers and musicians are outlined. Music education activity was conducted in every Ukrainian spiritual establishment of the Western Diaspora. To the powerful music education cells of the Old World it is possible to attribute the Ukrainian Pontifical College and the Ukrainian Catholic University in Rome (Italy). Professional music education was provided by the School for Deacons in the internment camp of the Ukrainian Division «Galicia» in Rimini (Italy). Furthermore, the author of the article lists the cells that function in the USA: the Theological Seminary of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in South Bound Brook (New Jersey, USA), the Byzantine Catholic Seminary in Pittsburgh, the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Parma, the Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA), etc.