Campanology Studies in the Ukrainian Diaspora


  • Bohdan Kindratiuk


The author of the article claims that in order to assure the establishment of Ukrainian campanology as a science of bells producing and functioning, scholars are to create the scientific source basis, and what is more they are to continue and develop these studies. According to the article the founders and researches of Ukrainian campanology are mainly represented by the Diaspora. Therefore, the article deals with the research of Vasyl Bidnov, Volodymyr Sichynskyi, Vsevolod Karmazyn-Kakovskyi, Ulas Samchuk and others contribution into Ukrainian campanology studies. They examined the usage of clappers and bells in religious and secular life of the Ukrainians, analysed these instruments as ancient means of call to prayer and liturgical musical instruments. The author stresses that at those times, when not everything could be published in Ukraine, the mentioned scholars acquainted the world with the heritage of Ukrainian bell-ringing. Finally, the article mentions migrant workers who created parishes and equipped churches with bells. Thus, the author concludes that the work of scholars, composers, writers of the Diaspora provided continuity of campanology studies.