• Dmytro Sych
Keywords: production enterprise, managerial accounting, methodical tools, production, cost-effective manufacturing


The article is devoted to the organization of "cost-effective production" on the example of production enterprises in Ukraine. An overview of the functional purpose of such an innovative form of economic activity has been given. The methodological approaches of management accounting systems and methods are revealed; it is recommended to use them for enterprises when introducing the concept of “cost-effective manufacturing”.
Ukrainian scientists consider management accounting as a subsystem of a single integrated accounting system of the business entity. This ensures that the administrative decisions are made in the process of «cost-effective production» ­realization.
The theory of «cost-effective production» generalizes the causes of losses, among which are the unproductiveness of technology, inefficient organization of production, technological overload, non-system production, etc. The mentioned reasons must be analytically confirmed by managerial accounting data.
It is proved that managerial accounting system should include new approaches which consist benchmarking tools.
The application of benchmarking technologies in management accounting involves: comparing the organization of managerial accounting of the business entities under study with the best business entities, regardless of the form of their management; comparison of accounting processes with the best similar processes implemented by business entities; comparison of software products used to automate managerial accounting in order to choose the most up-to-date and most effective; comparison and analysis of managerial reporting of a business entity; identification of trends in the development of approaches of the managerial accounting.