• Halyna Klynova-Datsiuk


Ukrainian emigration, displaced persons (DP), Ukrainian Free University, higher education, Germany


The article deals with the activities of the Ukrainian Free University in Germany (UFU) during the DP period (1945–1952). The process of resumption of the UFU operation is described. The initiator of this case was the last rector of the University of Prague and historian Vadym Shcherbakіvsky. Well-known scientists Dmytro Doroshenko, Petro Kurinny, Ivan Mirchuk, Panteleimon Kovaliv and others supported his initiative.
It is noted that the Bavarian authorities and the American occupation were positive about the resumption of the university. The educational process in the higher education institution began in the summer semester of 1946.
The structure of the Ukrainian Free University in Germany had two faculties: philosophy from the departments of philosophy and pedagogy, philology (Ukrainian, classical, and Slavic), history, geography, archeology, ethnology and art sciences, as well as law and socio-economic sciences from various departments.
It is stated that the most active in the functioning of the university was the 1947–1948 academic year. As 492 students were educated and 95 teachers worked, a significant amount of educational literature was published. The university charter of 1948, which was the basic document regulating the functioning of the institution and giving it the right to broad autonomy and free publication, is also analyzed.
The article also proves that in addition to educational work in the UFU, a publishing business was developed. Among the publications of the university was mainly educational literature, in particular textbooks for students (scripts), which were printed in cyclostyle. In order to inform students about the content of academic disciplines, the number of lectures, seminars, practical classes, lecture programs were published. To facilitate the study of educational material, university teachers issued lecture notes. Among such publications are lectures by M. Andrusiak “History of the Cossacks”, I. Mirchuk “Introduction to Philosophy”, V. Kubiyovych “Geography of Ukraine” and others. The UFU played an important role in preserving the national and cultural identity of the Ukrainian people and consolidating the Ukrainian scientific forces in exile.