• Muhammad Zulqarnain
  • Riaz Ahmad Saeed


Education holds a central position in the empowerment of society as it directly influences social, political, economic, and cultural system. It is beautified and dignified with sublime manifestations of its custodians (the teachers) who enlighten the globe by sound knowledge, professional conduct, moral values in terms of inspirational talk, sympathetic attitude, modesty, courage, wisdom, and truthfulness. The purpose of this paper is to investigate and explain the Dawah methodology of Holy Prophet PBUH in education. Qualitative and descriptive research approach was used for collection and analysis of data. The review of literature reveals that Holy Prophet (PBUH) considered education as a change agent in society as he wisely inculcated importance of education in the illiterate tribal society. He by using effective teaching methods conveyed the peaceful message of Islam, built strong positive relationship with people and preached them by showing sympathy, humbleness, patience and modesty. The article in this context is divided into two parts; first would address the significant of education to Prophet Muhammad PBUH in context of Dawah, second would address the strategy of Holy Prophet PBUH in Dawah and its usefulness for contemporary preachers. The research concluded that Holy Prophet PBUH has established a relationship with the audience of reverence, self-esteem, grace, courtesy and kindness. To an ordinary people he was very kind and soft-hearted. First, in front of the public he himself showed good deeds and then urged them to carry on his teachings. He proved to be a respectful, modest and soft-hearted preacher throughout his life. This was the reason that his perfect model of teaching changed the ignorant Bedouin society in a short span of time and as the Quran purports, brought them from darkness to light.