• Nataliia Kondratenko
  • Maryna Hnatenko
  • Oleh Kolontaievskyi
Keywords: management, organizational and economic changes, company, business


The research summarizes the existing theoretical concepts and methodological approaches to the management of organizational and economic changes in a company. It has been determined that organizational and economic changes are a process of a company transformation due to the influence of external factors, changes in the approaches to managing internal resources of an enterprise: personnel, structure, finances, technology, etc. It has been found out that change management includes identifying destabilizing forces, determining market leveling, choosing appropriate methods to use and creating the most effective change strategy, as well as applying these elements more effectively. The article shows that today, with the development of information technologies and an increase in the uncertainty of the external environment, the issues of timely recognition of threats to the existence of organizations, stability, and development opportunities are coming to the fore. They are becoming the criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the management system, the internal rationality of its organization fades into the background, strengthening the position of the situational approach to management. On the basis of theoretical provisions regarding the program method, a model has been created for managing organizational and economic changes in a company. The model singles out five blocks of managerial actions corresponding to the components of the management system. In accordance with the suggested model, the cyclical nature of the management process of organizational and economic changes in a company has been highlighted as its main feature, which means constant adjustment of the strategy, subject to the availability of changes both inside and outside the company.
The process of managing changes in a company is always a closed process, since the evaluation of activities and the determination of necessary adjustments are both the completion and the beginning of the management cycle. It has been concluded that in order to achieve the goals of organizational and economic changes in a company, it is necessary to create such a management system so that all subsystems fulfill their functions in a regulated manner over the entire range of possible environmental impacts on an organization that are characterized by a certain speed and intensity of changes.