Product placement model application in marketing and financial activities of enterprises

  • Oksana Polinkevych
Keywords: product placement, financial activity, marketing area, merchandising


Ukraine has been experiencing a prolonged increase in exports of lower-end goods. These processes threaten the effect of «dampening growth». Accordingly, the problem of innovative development of enterprises, which focuses on marketing and financial activities promoting the production and export of high-quality goods becomes more urgent. The product placement is a tool that will stimulate the promotion of goods and services on the domestic and world markets. It is determined that this is not an entirely new strategy; it dates back to the years when the very first movies were created. The purpose of the work is to study the peculiarities of the product placement application in marketing and financial activities of enterprises. It is established that when building models of the product placement in the activities of enterprises it is necessary to take into account the types of placement, such as: product, novelties, country or region, ideas, product image, corporate, general, neutral, creative. Construction of the model of the product placement application in the marketing and financial activity of the enterprises takes into account the external and internal environment, forms the business reputation and the competitiveness of the enterprise, provides the value for clients. In financial and marketing activities, it is worth using the item placement, merchandising is rather used in terms of investment activities. Under the product placement, we mean the placement of a product or trademark, information about the manufacturer or the seller in a news story or other non-promotional media products that are related to verbal, audio and kinesthetic accompaniment.