• Inna Borkovska
Keywords: terms-synonyms, multicomponent terms, homonymy, derivative processes, thematic distribution


The article analyzes the terminological vocabulary of business documents. It was proved the existence of polysemantic terms and indicated that the terms-synonyms prevail over the doublet terms in the texts of business documents. Basing on the study of the terms it was established the existence of grammatical homonymy. The thematic distribution of terms in the texts of business documents was proposed. The peculiarity of business documents is determined by such lexical groups: the name of the organization, the name of offi cials, the title of the parts of the document, the terms of the contract, the cost of services, conditions and modes of transportationand so on.
Single-component and multicomponent terms are singled out and described. Particular attention is paid to the most common models of two-component terms. The content of the study of this work includes analysis of the ways of forming terms, such as: syntactic, semantic and morphological. Derivation processes of the terms of the morphological method were demonstrated. The article establishes that the suffi x method prevails over the prefi x. Analysis of the morphological structure of single-component terms in business documents showed that
nouns predominate in the business terminology. Certain advantages of the semantic way of term formation are noted, despite the inability to provide them all the names in the businesssphere.

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Borkovska, I. (2018). TERMINOLOGICAL VOCABULARY AS A CHARACTERISTIC FEATURE OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION. Scientific Notes of Ostroh Academy National University: Philology Series, 1(69), 67-69. Retrieved from https://journals.oa.edu.ua/Philology/article/view/1575