• Volkova Liudmyla
Keywords: structural elements of business game, forming the foreign language competence, professional tasks, communicative practice


The effi ciency of using of business games in the educational process of higher education is proved, as they provide an opportunity to form professional skills of future professionals, involving them in intensive cognitive, intellectual and creative activity. Game playing activity is considered as a process of solving a number of professional tasks by students. This activity is aimed at achieving a common goal – training, education and personal development of a student. The article analyses the main structural elements of business game for forming the foreign language competence. The aim of the business game is the formation of foreign language communicative competence using of
the theoretical material in solving professional problems. The role and place of a teacher in the game are determined. The importance of understanding the main structural elements of business game have been ascertained for its effi cient usage in learning process of foreign language. In the process of the game students must solve specifi c tasks, so their activities must be properly motivated, that is, the student must realize the real value of the tasks. The solution of the foreign language linguistic tasks creates conditions for the student’s communicative practice in the game. Communicative practice involves the development of skills in a clear logical way to formulate their thoughts. Students are able to make generalizations on the basis of examples, analyze, evaluate priorities, deduce reasons, conduct conversations, dialogue, discussion, be able to listen and express their thoughts clearly.

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