• Vira Derevianko
Keywords: phraseologism, automation, actualizaton, transformations of phraseologisms


The article deals with the problem of automation processes and the actualization of phraseological linguistic means on the basis of Czech journalism, is made the analysis of the latest scientifi c works of the Czech linguists about the defi nition of the essence of the concepts of automation and actualization processes, its features, functions and boundaries, is investigated the issue of the correlation between the actualization and automation of the phraseologisms and their infl uence on phraseological derivation. On the example of the different-structured phraseologisms are considered the peculiarities of the implementation of heterogeneous actualizations, is given the classifi cation of the transformations of Czech phraseologisms at different levels of the language and is analyzed the tendency of specifi c phrases to transformations depending on their structural features. The collected practical material, namely 137 examples of actualization of the phraseologisms, is systematized to the general classifi cation of transformations and has been distinguished two of its types: intra-structural and actualization transformations. The article focuses on the most signifi cant actualization transformations, are investigared the methods of their implementation and the infl uence on the semioticipant-denotative and connotative semantics of the phraseologisms, the dependence of actualization transformations on the context, the functions of transformed phraseologisms and the connection of the unrealized transformations with the level of idiomatic phraseologisms.

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Derevianko, V. (2018). AUTOMATION AND ACTUALIZATION PHRASEOLOGISMS IN CZECK JOURNALISM. Scientific Notes of Ostroh Academy National University: Philology Series, 1(69), 131-134. Retrieved from