• Iryna Kashyrina
Keywords: dialogical theory, expressive shift, lexical meaning, poetics of a translator, postcolonial studies, anticolonial discourse


The article pays tribute to the creative legacy of a Ukrainian translator, Language Studies Scholar and lexicographer Svyatoslav Karavansky. The article is focused on the analysis of the translation process as a kind of a creative activity which fi nds its embodiment in a form of a translation cycle viewed through the communicative aspect of dialogical theory by M. Bachtin. The poetics of S. Karavansky is described herein, introduced as the constituent part of his translation method. The poetic text production creative activity by S. Karavansky is viewed in the context of postcolonial studies. The article highlights the multifaceted nature of Karavansky’s anticolonial discourse.
The author of the article argues that under modern paradigm postcolonial studies is an obvious interpreting strategy suffi cient enough to say its word about the communicative pattern of the translation cycle by S. Karavansky. The analysis reveals the visible anticolonial shift in understanding the said pattern, while providing elements of the Ukrainian anticolonial discourse and its individual characteristic features in the creative activity by S. Karavansky.

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