• Rostyslav Koval
  • Oksana Tyravska
Keywords: rehabilitation, profession, term, name, French, Ukrainian.


In Europe and the world, health rehabilitation is developing in the form of adaptive physical education and physiotherapy, while in Ukraine the term «physical rehabilitation», which has been introduced by the World Health Organization, is used. However, today the term «physical therapy» is being actively used instead of «physical rehabilitation». Because of the war in the eastern Ukraine, the number of injured and wounded people is growing every day. In the process of rehabilitation of the patient many relevant specialists in medicine, rehabilitation and other industries are involved. The professions in rehabilitation in French and Ukrainian languages have been subject of our analysis, and the object – the modes of terms formation. The results of the study made it possible to establish that in French, the terms for denoting the rehabilitation professions are formed with the suffi xes -iste, -ien, -eur, -iatre and -ier; term component -logue and term component -thérapeute. In Ukrainian, the most productive are the term component -лог, suffi xes -ист / -іст, -атр, as well as the term component -терапевт.

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