• Valery Mykhaylenko
Keywords: internationalism, cross-cultural communication, discourse, conceptual system, semantic field


The present paper is a study of fi nancial internationalisms in the scientifi c worldview of most European Languages. They are considered to be a factor integrating a professional world community, but they disintegrate the society into professionals and non-professionals. On the contrary, the conceptual system of the naïve worldview integrates the society. The corpus of fi nancial terms has been retrieved from Romance, Germanic, Slavic, Baltic and one of Finnic (Finno-Ugric) languages to reveal the conceptual system represented by the dominant lexeme ‘fi nance’, which developed into an internationalism and the conceptual system represented by the dominant lexeme ‘money’, which did not develop into an internationalism. The both systems organize one common system, though they vary pragmatically. In our research we attempted to defi ne (1) the role of fi nancial internationalisms in disintegrating the society; (2 the role of the fi nancial naïve worldview in integrating the society, (3) the role of code switching the conceptual systems; and (4) the role of internationalisms in securing cross-cultural
communication of the world expertise community.

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