• Andrii Motornyi
  • Oleksandr Motornyy
Keywords: Milan Děžinský, poetry, Czech literature, metaphysics


The article deals with the metaphysical image in poetical legacy of modern Czech author Milan Děžinský, who was born in 1974, started to write in early 90-s and is one of the most famous Czech poets of today, the author of four poetry collections, fi lled with great number of metaphysic elements. Metaphysics as an element was popular in poetic works of Czech writers of the second part of 20th century (Antonin Sova, Otakar Březina, Karel Toman, Stanislav Kostka-Neuman, later on we have poetic legacy of Vladimir Holan, some works of Jiří Orten, František Halas and others). Metaphysical image of night, darkness, light, nature, God, infernal beings, opposition of good and evil, human’s place in this world – all this was one of the main topics in Czech poetry of the last century and continues to prevail in some poetic works till now. What is specifi c about Děžinský’s poetry is that it represents an original night view of surrounding reality and peculiar poetic speaker’s position in this represented nocturnal world. The second specifi c aspect of Děžinský’s poetry is the unique nature’s image that is quite different from the traditional landscape poetry we have in Czech Republic and world. Děžinský’s nature is implicit, it is hidden somewhere in shadows of our world and can be noticed only by the most attentive. It is the nature of eternal summer and autumn conversion, the world, where life is born and decays at the same time and resurrects constantly in never-ending circle.

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