• Tamara Nykoliuk,
  • Nataliia Shkliaieva
Keywords: term, terminology system, lexeme, terminology units, transcoding, transliteration


The features of the interpretation of the term «term» and various ways of its interpretation at different stages of the development of linguistics are explored. The term «term» is found in usage as an monosemantic and strict notion. It’s found out that the term «terminosystem» is been interpreted by researchers in different ways and sometimes it doesn’t differ from the commonly used vocabulary. The usage features of computer terminology are studied. Many terms have synonymous matches, that breaks the widespread interpretation of the term as monosemic. The modern English-Ukrainian dictionaries are analyzed. The most common methods of terminology units translation are found out, namely: transcoding, copying, equivalent interpretation. Neologisms transcoding occurs in the target language when in the culture and, in particular, in the science there is no corresponding notion and the corresponding translation equivalent, and the interpreter can’ t pick up the right words. A large number of available transcribed lexemes exist due to the rapid development of computer technology. The specific translation features in the scientific literature, journalistic sources and common language are discovered. The primary meaning of the terms is lost in the virtual communication. Three stages of realization of the term are discovered in the Ukrainian language: translation, usage in the scientifi c language; usage in journalistic speech (magazines, blogs); usage in daily virtual communication (slang). It is determined that between the first and the last stage there are such structural changes of the terminology system that the term loses all the original features and receives a completely new pronunciation. The terms do not just get a new meaning, but also are simplifi ed and shortened. Computer slang is one of the most dynamic area of vocabulary change. Analyzing the language of modern forums, one can discover the absolute
transformation of terminology.

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Nykoliuk, T., & Shkliaieva, N. (2018). КОМП’ЮТЕРНА ТЕРМІНОЛОГІЯ: ОСОБЛИВОСТІ ПЕРЕКЛАДУ ТА ЗМІНИ СЕМАНТИКИ. Scientific Notes of Ostroh Academy National University: Philology Series, 2(69), 55-57. Retrieved from