• Iryna Nickolayeva
Keywords: pronunciation standard, national and regional standard, pronunciation, regional and social differences, variation., variation


This article is devoted to the problem of the pronunciation standard in American English. It reveals the fact that the variation in American pronunciation depends on social, regional features in pronunciation. The question of standard pronunciation is considered from the second point of view – educational. The standard of American English is the General American pronunciation of radio and TV announcers. This study analyzes pronunciation of the radio and TV announcers, which is supposed to be characterized by the presence of a certain pronunciation standard. The
association of speakers in certain sociolinguistic communities can vary depending on the territorial specifi cs and depend on whether the sociolinguistic community is non-regional or regional. Types of pronunciation are analyzed as to be not fi xed and unchanged, but which allow many linguistic variables which are used (consciously or not) when adapt to the changed social situation in which the speakers turn out to be. American English is examined as a complex unity of some hypothetical, national pronunciation norm, regional standards of educated sections of society and dialects of less educated, lower social groups. The regional standard is analyzed as a variant of the national standard. Classifi cation of regional standards and the defi nition of a standard recognized by almost all linguists is described. The features and areas of its usage are characterized.

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