• Ruslana Padalka
  • Kateryna Listopad
Keywords: antroponima, lexicon, semantics, prozonima, homonyms


Proper names of people or anthroponyms constitute quite a signifi cant part of lexical structure of the language. They are common in all styles of modern language, and like other appellative words are subject to phonetic, word-formative and semantic regularities. Figurative perception of the literary work, understanding of value of the words used by the writer has always contributed to the understanding of art in general, despite the perception of the art of the word. Modern researchers tend to present process of creation of a proper name as a peculiar kind of encoding of historical and cultural information. Taking into consideration this approach, the anthropononymy can be considered as the specifi c cultural text. The relevance of the research under study is proved by the increased interest in studying of prozonima in aspect of connection of language and culture. Onomastic material of works by O. Wilde is systematized and prozonima are classifi ed by lexical and
semantic structure in the article.

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