• Svetlana Rudenko
Keywords: gluttonim, symbol, temporative, nomination, ceremony


In the article «Gluttonims-symbols of temporative cycle» Ukrainian spring folk-calendarian ceremonialism» S. Rudenko considers lingual and conceptual symbiosis of nutrition sphere nominations and sign-oriented time lines, which are the form of expressing deep world outlook ideas of Ukrainians. It is emphasized that nutritional symbols manifest common idea of the event, personifying the situation in general, and stressing he importance of background knowledge and cultural competence. The purpose of the proposed study is to examine the connection between glutonim-linguistic signs of the food picture of the world with a wide spectrum of expression plan (from word to text) and the content plan (the translation of cultural information, background, concepts, connotations, etc.) on the basis of the Ukrainian ethnolinguistic discourse, – meaningful cultural symbols, and temporatives nominating certain time intervals of spring folk-calendar rituals. The author analyzes semantics of the linguistic signs, conceptually related to the semantics of food consumption / refusal of food, which fi ll such terminals as the duration of food intake during one meal; multiplicity of food intakes during the day; intervals between individual meals; the order of food consumption within a single meal; duration of cooking; culturally preconditioned time parameters of food consumption: daily, weekly, family-ritual, calendar-ritual, church-ritual; special calendar periods, etc.

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