• Viktoriia Chmel
  • Inna Akhmad
Keywords: motivation, resistance to learning, the English language, engineering students


The content of the paper is devoted to the problem of teaching foreign languages and students’ motivation at technical universities. Much attention is paid to the reasons of students’ unwillingness to learn and their resistance to learning process.Common factors that influence student’s perception of a subject and abilities for learning are distinguished. Some methods of motivation of engineering students for language learning are considered. Necessity of close connection between the topics which are studied at the English lessons and in professionallyoriented subjects is pointed out. The pedagogical and psychological aspects of the problem are singled out. The teacher’s role in organizing a foreign language learning process is defined. The importance of multimedia tools’ application at the English language lessons is highlighted. The authors provide recommendations on effective motivation of engineering students to learn and actively use English in the field of their professional activities. The influence of a foreign language on personal and professional development of the future specialist is stated.

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Chmel, V., & Akhmad, I. (2018). MOTIVATION OF ENGINEERING STUDENTS FOR LEARNING ENGLISH. Scientific Notes of Ostroh Academy National University: Philology Series, 2(69), 233-235. Retrieved from