• Anastasiia Chornii
Keywords: mediability, communicative elements of the principle of mediation, communicative strategies of mediation, conflict


The article deals with the communicative aspects of the “mediability”. Mediation as a way of peaceful conflict resolution depends on the criteria of the appropriateness of the condition of the particular conflict. Mediability is the criterion that defi nes the level of the conflict, pointing out what aim of the conflict solution can be achieved. According to this fact, there are two main branches of mediation: facilitative mediation and transformative. The facilitative mediation is a classical one that is performing according to the principles of neutrality, objectiveness, positive atmosphere etc. Transformative medication is considered as a way of transforming the conflict from the inevitable one to the constructive dialogue. An essential part of the realizing the process of mediation is the mediatior’s competence if communication, in particular expressing neutrality and objectiveness. Neutrality is investigated within the model of NPOV and depends on the factor of presence of conflict possibilities in speech, presentation of supplying evidence etc. The principle of objectivity refers to the presentation of facts, including quotations, and pyramid principle.

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