• Yuliia Babii
Keywords: surname, anthroponymycon, lexico-semantic method, word formation, surname adjectives, suffix, prefix, The Middle Dnieper Ukraine


The article is devoted to the study of word formation peculiarities of the surnames of the Middle Dnieper region, which reflects the main tendencies in the formation of the last names in Ukraine.
Specificity of word formation processes is represented by lexical-semantic entities in the aspect of surname adjectives. The processes of anthroponimization of different categories of adjectives are described; the productive types of suffixal and prefixal methods of word formation are defined.  For the study, the Middle Dnieper Ukraine anthroponymycon has been chosen, which has a great importance in the history of the Ukrainian language long ago, because here the roots of the Ukrainian language were formed, and the dialects of this region formed the basis of the literary language. The concept of the lexical-semantic method of word formation within the names is described; the key theories of onomasts (V. O. Gorpinich, Y. O. Karpenko) are presented in the aspect of the onymic units formation in the lexical-semantic way. The surnames, which were formed by the transonamication of adjectives and participles, have been related to the surnames adjectives. Grammatical categories of gender, number and case in the surnames of the specified type are irrelevant, since the nominative nature of the last names motivates such properties as concreteness and singularity. The group of surnames formed by the onomation of adjectives is varied in its structure. This is explained by the lexical-grammatical categories of adjectives: they are divided into groups by meaning; they retain the derivative and non-derivative basis, have a complete and short form of expression. The work states that the process of anthroponimization has been applied to relative and qualitative adjectives, as well as to adjectives. The word-forming types of adjective surnames preserve the structural-word-building peculiarities of the surname system, which was laid down in the XVII century. In this case, the modern surname system represents the predominance of suffixal word-formation entities over prefixals, which is conditioned by the all-Ukrainian tendencies of surnames creation.

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