• Inna Borkovska
Keywords: business text, communicative purpose, business communication, extra-language features, genre features


The article deals with the analysis of business texts – contracts, business letters and tender documents, which are considered as the main regulatory documents in many business spheres of society. It has been established that any business text has its own communicative purpose, but in general, all documents tend to force the addressee to enter into a language contact. The basic rules for forming business text are defined. The affiliation of business texts to the official-business language genres from the point of view of linguistic and extra-language factors has been confirmed. The basic regularities of functioning of business texts are established. It was noted that business text is a speech product, which is the result of the work of communicants – business partners, addressed to both of them, emphasizing the communicative efforts of both parties when creating a business document. It is emphasized that the universal features, such as regulation, logic, and precise structuring according to the relevant genre rules of business text, are determined by the motives and goals of the text-making process.
The syntactic-compositional structure is based on common and individual components. The first one is in each genre text and the other component is with variable factors of the text (participants in business communication, the name of the product or service). These components are mainly accented in the three-dimensional composition – introductory, main and final.

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