• Nataliia Gromova
Keywords: precedent texts, philosophical treatises, idea style, language personality


The article describes the style and text forming function of the precedential texts in the philosophical treatises of G. Skovoroda.
The author proves in her work that the philosopher actively used the samples of oral folk art, winged utterances and some other things satiated his speech with precedential texts. Involving parables, tales, legends in treatises and dialogues gives the author the opportunity to express more clearly and convincingly his philosophical views. It is proved that the philosopher used precedential texts in order to deepen the own motives, to specify a particular idea, to convey the essence of the work. That is why the texts of G. Skovoroda are a fruitful material for the study of precedential texts.
The author of the article reveals the concept of precedential texts and defines their role in the writer’s philosophical works as features of his idea style and their text forming function.
The materials of research can be used in subsequent linguistic studies of G. Skovoroda’s works, as well as courses of lexicology, syntax, communicative linguistics, linguistic analysis of the text, old Ukrainian literature, special courses and special seminars devoted to the work of G. Skovorodi used in teaching in higher educational institutions. In general education institutions of various types the material of the master’s work can be used in the lessons on the development of coherent speech, Ukrainian literature, in the organization of circles and extra-curricular work.
During the work the following methods were used: general scientific methods of analysis and synthesis, taxonomic, comparative, linguistic methods – descriptive, structural, functional, semiotic components.

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