• Svitlana Kalenyuk
Keywords: circulation, official addresses, household addresses, communication, Internet communication, stylistic function


The article is devoted to the problem of identifying the stylistic functions of addresses, which are used in Internet communication. To achieve this goal, the author has solved several problems. For the first, the main features of Internet communication are anonymity, mediation, distance and frequent violation of linguistic norms. The last attribute refers to the adresses, which are used in Internet messages. For the second, official and household addreses are used in the Internet communication,. The stylistic function of the official addresses is the indication of the status and social role of the addressee. The stylistic function of household appeals is the indication of proximity between communication participants, the emphasis on positive or negative connotations of addresses.
In addition, household addresses reflect the new social trends associated with the using of e-mail, aliases etc.
The main conclusions of this research: the greatest number of the addresses in Internet communication is recorded in the materials of business correspondence. The users of the network very rarely use the household addresses. The author believes that the main reason for such quantitative dynamics is the avoidance or inability of addressees to show an emotional attitude to their interlocutor.

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