• Myroslava Khymynets
Keywords: metaphor, concept, conceptual metaphor, frame


The article is devoted to the research of conceptual metaphor as a means of foregrounding the concept of AMERICA in Ukrainian-language newspaper articles. The aim of the article is to research antroph-amorphous metaphor in foregrounding the image-bearing component of the concept AMERICA. All-Ukrainian newspapers «Den» and «Dzerkalo Tyzhnia» served the source.
Introduction analyses the notions «language» and «culture», studies the issue of correlation and interdependence of these semiotic systems that are subject of inquiry of cultural linguistics. As far as this cross-disciplinary branch of science studies the national view of the world, this article dwells upon the main features and characteristics of the linguistic and conceptual view of the world that are directly interconnected and closely interrelated. One of the key notions cultural linguistics operates with is the concept. We understand this notion as a basic unit of culture objectified by language units of different levels.
The article focuses on the conceptual metaphor that serves the means of foregrounding the concept. Analysis of empirical material testified to the fact that authors of newspaper articles use personifying metaphor to present America as a person with some inherent human qualities. In particular, the USA has the ability to think, feel, and speak. This article concentrates on three frames – «Mental and psychic features», «Emotional characteristics» and «Characteristics of speech» that together with other frames form the metaphoric model «AMERICA is a PERSON».
The author of this scientific study comes to the conclusion that conceptual model is an important means of foregrounding the concept AMERICA, as far as it is characterized by clearness and intelligibility for the general public. The article also outlines the future prospect of further scientific researches.

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