• Yaroslava Mozhova
  • Nadiia Sheverun
Keywords: adoptions, functions of adoptions, German words, political and economic texts, translation


The development of economic and political relations envisages existence of texts of economic and political maintenance with the use of foreign lexical units, that, in turn, envisages their research with the aim of authenticity, rightness and possibility of the use. A large stake among them is occupied by borrowings, in particular borrowings from German to English, that on the modern stage is the basic language of international communication, language, that is widely used in control system, economy and politics. It is exposed, that modern English adopted a great number of German words during the historical forming and development to the different spheres of social and political life, in particular philosophy, psychology, chemistry, biology, politics, economy, linguistics and others. Basing on investigational material, it is determined, that the basic tendencies of dictionary word-stock’s addition in modern English political and economic texts are updating of English vocabulary with neologisms of foreign origin; dissemination of German lexical elements in political and economic texts; enriching of politics and economy language with new words forming; an increase of loan-words amount due to derivatives. As a result of research the basic functions that execute German words in modern English political and economic texts are distinguished, namely informing, nominative, function of emotional influence on a reader and function of expressivity. It is exposed, that the adopted vocabulary is inalienable component part of language of modern English political and economic texts, that gives dynamic character to them.

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Mozhova, Y., & Sheverun, N. (2019). FUNCTIONS OF GERMAN WORDS IN ENGLISH POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC TEXT. Scientific Notes of Ostroh Academy National University: Philology Series, (4(72), 3-5. Retrieved from