• Svitlana Chugu
Keywords: medialinguistics, political discourse, newspaper text, medialingual perspective, verbal devices, communicative impact


The article outlines the findings of recent research in medialinguistics, discusses its main categories and notions, highlights the results of the newspaper text study in the medialinguistic framework. The author views the medialingual perspective of newspaper text analysis as an integral research tool to effectively study semantics and functions of linguistic devices used to realize the communicative strategy of influence in political discourse.
The article aims at the research of the main factors that lead to the polysemy of some linguistic elements within the text due to the dramatic changes in the massmedia worldwide. The author discusses communicative and functional characteristics of language means of different levels in the publicist text and proves that effectiveness of the use of manipulative communicative strategies and tactics is based on the lingo-pragmatic peculiarities of the semantics of certain linguistic units mainly due to their emotional colouring.
The regularities of verbal realization of communicative means in the newspaper text were studied to provide evidence to the assumption of the significant influence of social, political and cultural aspects of the national worldview on the interpretation of information provided in discourse. Further research of the media text nature will help deepen the understanding of political discourse in the communicative-pragmatic perspective.

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