• Oksana Ivantsova
  • Svitlana Tarasenko
Keywords: intensification, education, memory training


The article deals with the intensification of foreign language learning in the military institute as there is an urgent need to review the approaches to determining the level of education and qualification of specialists for the organization of the educational process in educational institutions in the context of reforming the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The role of comprehensive language training of Ukrainian soldiers and their knowledge of military and business English, which is one of the main priorities in achieving interoperability of the parts and the Armed Forces of Ukraine during multinational exercises, peacekeeping, counter-terrorism and search and rescue operations under the auspices of international organizations, increases. The article contains methods for intensification of the foreign language training process. The aims of language learning, difficulties in this process are considered. Options for foreign language training intensification are offered: interactive video-conferencing learning, «Cyber Security» specialized course, and memory training workshop. The exercises for memory training and development which can be used in educational process are analyzed. Special attention is paid to the fact that nowadays the quantity of world information doubles every 10-15 years and very often military students cannot cope with it. Contradictions in the educational process are considered. The techniques of memory training are recommended.

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