• Svitlana Kocherga
Keywords: letter, topos, report, imagology


The article deals with the epistolary by Valeryan Polischuk who is the Ukrainian writer of the post-revolutionary era (1920s), known for his avant-garde poetry and books written in the genre of non-fiction. It is analyzed the range of travel motifs, the specificity of the author’s geo-poetics style. It isalso outlined the psycho-portrait of the traveler-writer of the twenties of the twentieth century, who was under the pressure of ideology. It is identified the main routes of the writer in Ukraine, the USSR and Europe, and described his imagological generalizations. It is proved that the writer had two-vector of the travelling priorities: nature and urbanism with its technological innovations. The topos described by Polischuk with the most expressive emotivity was the South Coast of Crimea, Paris, and Volyn.
Key words: letter, topos, report, imagology.

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