• Nataliia Shkliaieva
  • Tamara Nykoliuk
Keywords: advertising, anti-advertising, image advertising, PR, allusion, allegory.d the Internet communication with younger people


The article analyzes the psycholinguistic features of advertising texts, language formulas used by advertisers and the influence of advertising on the consciousness of a person. The negative influence of propaganda on the emotional sphere of a consumer and types of suggestion are described. The psycho-emotional orientation of advertising and the influence of the researched results in the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology on the features of the political advertising in 2019 are revealed. The peculiarities of the political advertising on billboards and on the Internet are analyzed. The political advertising in 2010 and 2019 are characterized, their general features are outlined. The features of the Ukrainian political space are determined. The features of anti-advertising are determined, a special types of advertising are revealed: ads-report and anonymous ads (anti-advertising). The functions of an allusion in propaganda and the role of an allegory in anti-advertisement are revealed, they affect the voter’s subconscious. The political image advertising in the presidential election campaign of 2019 is explored, they are often aimed at irrational impact on a person. Image advertisement forms a new positive image of the candidate, starting with creative slogans and ending with a new look. The structure of modern political advertisement is determined: linguistic and visual features of advertising. There are analyzed the examples of a hidden advertisement and political internet advertising with the game features. “Jeans” (hidden advertisement) is often used in social networks. Advertising in social networks is one of the effective ways of self-presentation on personal pages and the possibility of using negative publicity. The main messages of recent political advertising campaigns and effective mechanisms of psychological influence on the voter are revealed. It is found out that one of the tools of influence on the community is the direct communication between a presidential candidate and a voter. Different mechanisms of influence on different age groups of the audience are revealed: the direct communication with older people an.

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Shkliaieva, N., & Nykoliuk, T. (2019). PSYCHOLINGUISTIC FEATURES OF MODERN POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT. Scientific Notes of Ostroh Academy National University: Philology Series, (5(73), 61-63. Retrieved from