• Oleksandr Motornyy
Keywords: contemporary Czech poetry, mysticism, metaphysics, Robert Fajkus


The article deals with the problems of contemporary Czech poetry, in particular the works of Robert Fajkus, the representative of so-called «spiritual flow». Robert Fajkus, a doctor of education and an artist in his soul, was born in 1967 in the town of Jindřihův Hradec, Moravia, and today represents the Moravian branch of Czech poetry. Unlike many of his contemporary poets, Robert Fajkus can not boast a great poetic work. For the period from 1997 and as of 2011, the author published only two collections. However, his name can be found in literary criticisms, his work is of interest to the reader and literary critics. Some works by R. Fajkus can be found in free online access on the pages of anthologies of contemporary Czech poetry.
As it has been said before, Robert Fajkus belongs to the so-called «spiritual flow» of contemporary Czech poetry, mysticism, deep metaphoricalism, the tendency to contrast the image of the lyrical hero to the world around him, pessimism, and also motives of good and evil, life and death are characteristic of his work, as well as attention to the nature and place of man in the world. Such kind of elements were present in poetic works of Czech writers of the second part of 20th century (Antonin Sova, Otakar Březina, Karel Toman, Stanislav Kostka-Neuman, later on we have poetic legacy of Vladimir Holan, some works of Jiří Orten, František Halas and others). Metaphysical image of night, darkness, light, nature, God, infernal beings, opposition of good and evil, human’s place in this world – all this was one of the main topics in Czech poetry of the last century and continues to prevail in some poetic works till now. The work of Robert Fajkus is a vivid example of the peaks reached by Czech poetry during the last century and at the same time illustrates the typical trends of the development of Czech poetry today.

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