• Svetlana Pomyrcha
Keywords: vocabulary composition, expressive vocabulary, stylistically colored vocabulary, imagery of words, semantics of Ukrainian expressive word


The article analyzes the problem of using expressive vocabulary in the modern Ukrainian literary language. The actuality of the chosen problem lies in the fact that emotional and expressive vocabulary is important in the study of the lexical composition of the language as a whole. Therefore, the subject of the author’s attention is the characteristics of the semantic features of emotionally expressive vocabulary. In the structure of the vocabulary of the Ukrainian literary language there are many words that express different feelings such as joy, anger, grief, surprise, as well as an emotional assessment of the people, events, various objects and phenomena of reality (happiness, sadness, love, family, bad, unpleasant). So they make up a specific variety of expressive vocabulary. In general, expressive words belong to the stock of commonly used vocabulary, making it a separate stylistically colored group.
Lexical expressiveness belongs to the most active layer of vocabulary, because the main load of the linguistic expression of the sensory intentions of the speaker is connected with the subjective vision and evaluation of fragments of the world picture.
A descriptive method was used to implement the task of the article. Various aspects of the analysis of expressive vocabulary provided the use of a set of methods with the aim of fully explaining of its composition and specific features as fully as possible.
The practical significance of the work lies in its wide use during optional subjects, language circle meetings and teaching of lexicology courses, text analysis, stylistics, etc. in higher educational institutions.

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