• Oksana Hrom
Keywords: concept, mental activity, thought, contemplation, thinking, linguistic and philosophical concept


This article describes the definition of the concept, investigates and analyzes the linguistic and philosophical concept of the concepts of Mental Activity in English. This article introduces the linguistic and philosophical content of the concepts of Mental Activity. The concepts of mental activity have and reflect their linguistic and philosophical reflection and reflection in English. The article also deals with current issues of cognitive studies of the linguistic picture of the world, and describes the structure and semantics of linguistic units for the notion of concepts of Mental Activity, to denote concepts of Mental Activity in order to understand more broadly and more, and more deeply, to understand the peculiarities and properties of these concepts, as well as to analyze the interconnection of its components, and also to research its structure, their similar and their distinctive features in English language. The research investigates semantic peculiarities of the lexemes that represent the concepts and the logical development of them. The scientific article shows the nature, relations and the implications of the most fundamental mental concepts in English language. Some typical concepts of Mental Activity in English language, like thinking, contemplation, thought and so on are analyzed in this article.

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