• Svіtlana Rudenko
Keywords: linguo-cultural semantics, gluttonic, organoleptics, odorative, gustative, taktive, visuative


In the article S.M. Rudenko made an attempt of a comprehensive study of linguocultural semantics of terminal organoleptics – language signs of the peripheral zone of the gluttonic frame, which are a mental analogue of the perceptual characteristics of units of its nuclear zone. Folklore, ethnographic, ethnolinguistic, lexicographic and popular science sources were taken as a material for research. It is emphasized that in order to denote taste reception, modern Ukrainian language has a wide range of absolutely different units – from word to text. The main representatives of the analyzed case are the nominations of taste, smell, appearance, color, design of dishes and products, however, units representing sound, touch, and consistency also play an important role in describing food perception. Their semantics has cultural characteristics. In the course of the study, it was found that semantic features were invested in a special form of expression such as taste sensation, intensity (degree sign of the degree of manifestation or influence of taste omissions), assessment (positive or negative characteristic of taste sensations in terms of personal, subjective criteria; the presence or lack of evidence); syncretism (indivisibility) of sensory perception of taste and tactile sensations, taste and smell. Phraseological units of the Ukrainian language, which include gustative elements, are used not only in the language of gluttony, but also in the process of nominating the concepts of other areas of human activity, in particular the highest emotional. Text units, which reflect the model of color matching of dishes to the consumer’s taste expectations are of great importance. The obtained results make it possible to make a conclusion that the semantics of organoleptics in the gluttonic frame reflect both taste preferences developed over the centuries-old history of the Ukrainian people and its specific worldview character.

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