• Anna Burtnyk
  • Marta Karp
Keywords: lexico-semantic groups, political discourse, political speeches, stylistic devices, syntactic models


The research deals with the study of stylistic and lexical peculiarities of political speeches of American ex-president Bill Clinton. Special attention is given to the individual characteristics of the language of the orator. The novelty of the study concerns detailed analysis, classification and comparison of lexico-semantic stylistic devices based on the speeches of B. Clinton. The object of the research deals with political speeches of B. Clinton including the first inaugural speech (January 20, 1993), farewell address (January 18, 2001), speech on Democratic National Convention (July 26, 2016). The information obtained through the analysis of political speeches helps to trace the influence of the words of a politician used in one context or another in order to establish power, influence and control of the people, as well as to understand the goals and intentions of a politician. The subject of the study describes lexico-semantic stylistic devices of the speeches. The practical value of the work highlights the ability to detect and interpret the use of linguistic means in political speeches. In the paper the main features of B. Clinton’s political speeches and their influence on people’s opinion have been revealed.

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Burtnyk, A., & Karp, M. (2020). LEXICO-SEMANTIC STYLISTIC DEVICES IN POLITICAL SPEECHES BY BILL CLINTON. Scientific Notes of Ostroh Academy National University: Philology Series, (9(77), 172-175. Retrieved from https://journals.oa.edu.ua/Philology/article/view/2843