• Olha Nikonenko
  • Olena Rigger
Keywords: modern German literature, detective, forms of the detective genre, the culinary detective genre


The article is devoted to the consideration of genre of crime novels in contemporary German literature general and to those with a culinary theme especially. The using of the term “culinary thriller“ by authors and journalists is critically considered.
There is a short overview of the development of the genre of crime novel, there important stages, the structure and characteristics in German literature. Discussed is the popularity of this genre in recent years. The thriller in the modern German literature are thematically qualified. Culinary and gourmet theme is a popular environment in the criminals of the modern German crime thriller authors.
Culinary has a great place in the works of the crime genre and has various functions such as means of portraying the person’s manager, crime scene or means for a crime or murder, as a tool of subject’s development. Crime novels often have an educational function, informing the reader about the quality and production of gourmet products.
Authors analyze the concept of the culinary crime novel are of the opinion that a culinary crime novel is only a novel when the culinary theme is the motive for the crime. The empirical research is based on the thrillers by writers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg. This allows an analyses of breadth and depth of the culinary content in the crime novels.

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